Game”Queue Magrate” Prototype

A song appeared in a game scene.

<I can do it>

I can hold the kind heart.

I can be a brave girl.

I can full of justice.

I can be what I want.


I can meet all the expectations.

I can climb the mountain.


Hero Magrate is predicted to be a great queue, but for a long time, people cannot see any sign. The old king held the faith and tried very hard to help his daughter. Finally, their persistence and belief moved the God.

“ Kindness is the only way out.”

”This is a beautiful and epic story.”


Player interaction:

1) puzzle type: tackle tasks to improve the perception.



1)Cliff Castle with beautiful beach. The ocean current is vibrant. Sometimes, the huge wave can swallow the whole castle. The sweet home is protected by the Old King’s power, but the strength is getting weaker and people are long for the princess Magrate to take on this responsibility.

2)Magrate leave Cliff Castle, guided by Northern Stars, to find her alliance.

3)World Construction: There are 3 religious group, 2 political sections and 4 race groups — human, beast, deveil — in the world. Queue Margarate is a significant member in one political power. For now, I haven’t figure out the names.

4)Why the hero is called Margarat? She is named after Lady Margaret Beaufort, my favorite character in the cruel Rose War. She waited 20 years for her son grow up to get back throne. Patience, persistence and belief are what I want to embody on Margaret.



5) One goal for a scene: Think of good is calling angel. Think of bad is calling devil. There a coward who kept saying “don’t let devil see me.” was killed because every time he repeated it, he sent a signal to the devil. Sometimes we just walk by precipitous escarpment but we

6) Goal for the game: I believe everyone has a thread connected with the God. This game tells people that no mater what happened, no matter how cruel or evil,