Safety Handbook 1

Safety is of first priority for studying abroad, no matter whoever you associate with and whatever you want to do. And I found the three key elements when making an appointment with others.

1) Don’t change location / participants / time negligently!

For example, A plan to go with B to go shopping, and B texted A that she wants to a mall that’s a bit far.

Say no in this situation. Why run so far just to pick up groceries? It’s time-consuming and time is precious. Most importantly, It’s not safe. Can A handle any emergencies? No! A is neither familiar with that strange place nor the route. A’s risk resistance capacity is zero and the danger coefficient of this arrangement soars very high immediately.

So when it comes to change plan, think of whether you are familiar with this location? whether you know all participants? whether the time is acceptable? If not, explain sincerely that you cannot make it.